11 reasons why UAE market is the new favourite for Indian start-ups

11 reasons why UAE market is the new favourite for Indian start-ups

All businesses want to expand and grow. And what makes the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region attractive is the diverse population residing in these countries that helps generate more revenues as it gives access to a larger global territory. For Indian businessmen, the country just across the Arabian Sea had hold a dear place in their heart for venturing into new horizons. UAE government’s support had only enhanced this love.  The first “Start-Up Summit” for India in UAE was held by Consul General of India, Dubai and Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi in 2017. UAE’s development-oriented mind-set attracts Indian entrepreneurs as they strive to achieve the same.

The 11 reasons why UAE market is the new favourite for Indian start-ups:

  1. UAE market is great for start-ups as there is no taxation for capital gains.
  2. There are about 3.5 million Indians residing in UAE. This similarity in population demographic means it gives any start-up an almost known client-base to test their new brands on. So the chances to succeed are higher.
  3. UAE is very close to India geographically. It is much easier to visit your new company if you chose to stay back in India and control its operations remotely. On the other hand if one is placed in UAE they can often visit their family in India. Thus many new entrepreneurs prefer UAE to set-up their new business.
  4. UAE has a highly developed infrastructure and gives all businesses access to its great resources that are crucial for a successful business.
  5. The UAE market has a diverse base of industries. So one can choose whichever field for their start-up.
  6. With a strong base of expatriates, who comprise of 90% of UAE population, there are no issues with demand and supply.
  7. With various projects and initiatives to incorporate digitalization into the business ecosystem, UAE is one of the smartest countries in the world. For connected start-ups this market is perfect as it offers great infrastructure and internet penetration.
  8. UAE’s aim to become the global centre for technology in the future opens the door for Indian technological start-ups. India’s position as the 3rdlargest global ecosystem with respect to technological innovations means that UAE welcomes Indian technological start-ups with open arms.
  9. In the UAE market Indian start-ups are welcomed as Indians are sought after for the technological talent they bring and for their market-readiness.
  10. Regulations and laws that support the business ecosystem in UAE are very strong and well-managed. This security adds to the attraction of UAE as the ideal spot for a start-up.
  11. The high-paced cosmopolitan lifestyle of UAE is very attractive to Indian start-ups.

These 11 reasons make UAE the perfect country to set-up and test their new ventures and thus have become the new favourite for Indian start-ups.

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